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Ashley and Fred
Hey guys!! I hope everything is going well for ya'll. I have been 
meaning to take the time to email you for several weeks now, but life has been crazy around here. 

Walt is doing wonderful. He is such a good natured little dog and has been so easy to train and get accustomed to our life. He has been sleeping through the night ever since we brought him home. He and Pixie (the cat) get along great (which as you know was a concern of mine, but I am glad to be proven wrong). 

Walt has gotten so big, I can't believe how much he has grown. His coat has lightened up a lot this week especially. You probably wouldn't even recognize him. The pictures I have attached are from the 1st weeks we had him, but I will take some more this week and send those to you as well. 

Walt has a vet appointment on Tuesday, I am sure that will be fun. I'll let you know how that goes.

I have enjoyed the new webpage and keeping up with the other puppies. Congrats on the new litter due in June, I am sure they will be an exciting addition around there. 

Ashley, Braxton, Walt, and Pixie

Hey Ashley!
Sorry it's been so long!  We've been meaning to send you pictures of Athena for awhile now. The attached ones are at 4 months I believe.   She's been doing so wonderful. She's our little cuddle bug. She's even learned "kisses"! We're starting to do some training with her like "sit", "drop it" and "come here"(which she's pretty much got now.) We're probably going to take her to some training classes cause I think she'll love it. She loves learning and pleasing us. She's so adorable... She gets along great with our dog. This past weekend our cousins brought their dogs over, a west highland puppy and a very large Labradoodle and she loved them! They played all day together. Sometimes, I swear she thinks she's 8 feet tall! ha ha.. She's not afraid of anything! (except really loud thunder)   We've started taking her on walks and you'd think she's been doing it for years! She walks right beside me or my wife. She stops when we stop and walks faster when we do. And she's always a hit at the pet store, she loves everyone and she'll walk right up to them and sit by their feet waiting for them to pet her.
We can't thank you enough for her. She's been such an awesome addition to our family and we couldn't ask for a better dog!

Thank you(one more time) and Congrats on your new litter!
Mike and Kristen Fugere
Hi Ashley-

I crated Eve last night next to my bed and I didn't hear a single peep out of her until I got up this morning and started moving around.  She did well she went almost 7 hours in the crate last night without and accidents or whining.  We've been up playing with her for about an hour or so - I've been providing her with lots of toys to chew on so she will leave my toes alone.  She seems to like dragging towels around and chewing them the best.  She's  eating well, and keeps going back to the food bowl to check for more food.....

Thanks once again for everything.  Eve is indeed very sweet and likes to play a lot (believe it or not, she hasn't been lazy)  She has been very easy to handle and is responding quite well to several commands already.  She's a smart little girl!

Take care,
Hi Ashley, 
Nimrod did great on the way home.. He slept and also played with this toys.  He didn't have an accident in this cage.  He seems to understand that that is for sleeping.  We have a place out by the washer and dryer for him.  He slept all night without crying.. He was not confined to his cage for the night so that maybe why.  He really likes it outside. 
I will send you a picture when I get my husband to download them to the computer.  
Hey Ashley, 
sorry it took so long to get back to you - Merlin's vet vist went fantastic. Everybody at the vet's absolutely adored him! He has adjusted to life with us very well. He loves to go out walking and enjoys cuddling and sleeping just about anywhere. It's hard to believe he's only been with us since Friday! He feels like he's been a part of our family forever. Amazingly enough, he's about 75% potty trained already. We've got some great pics that I'm going to send to you once I can get them uploaded. I hope all is going well with you guys! Please feel free to drop a line or drop by if you guys are ever in our neck of the woods. 

My best,
Josh & Susan Winn

Hey Ashley,

I just wanted to say hi, and thanks again for Ethan. We have named him "Lord Tobias" (my sister is a bit silly), but we call him "Toby".

He is quite adorable, very loving, extremely playful and has some quirky personality traits. He has been getting along wonderfully with our family members and other pets, we all love him. Toby's head is slowly but surely turning red, just like him mum Josie. He is growing into quite a lovely young man. We have a vet appointment for Toby next week for his 12-week shots, and I'm sure they will find him in good health. 

I have included a few pictures of Toby and his friends. The brindle one is a cardigan welsh corgi named Isabelle, and the chihuahua is Toby's best pal, Peanut, they play all the time. Toby likes to sleep on his back, he looks sort of like a thanksgiving's day turkey like that!

Thanks again,

Lauren and the Howard family

Hi Ashley....

We had Nigel's picture taken by a professional photographer, the sitting fee went as a donation to the spca.  Every single picture he took was great.  It tooks us forever, even with the help of the photographer to choose which pictures to buy.  I thought I would share a couple of the pictures he took with you.  These are the ones the photographer posted on her website.  Hope all is well.

Hope you are well.  Maggie is doing very well.  I attached a few more recent photos.  People comment that she looks like a stuffed toy she is so fluffy.  Thx again.  Enjoy the photos.

Maggie is getting so big...Puppy didn't know she was right next to him on the bed..it was pretty cute.
Hey Ashley,
Here are some of the most recent pictures of Lexi! Everyone that sees her thinks she is just the cutest thing ever. We have had the most compliments on her. I havn't taken her to the vet yet but I will soon. She has been doing really great. She can get an attitude sometimes when we tell her no or we eat in front of her. She loves playing and we love playing with her. Thank you so much for everything you have done! She is the greatest dog ever!!!!
                         Thanks again,


     Sorry about how long it has taken us to get back to you. We had to wait until right before Christmas to get him neutered and it was at that time we had to remove his dewclaw. Everything went great he is still recovering. He had to wear a little cast for a couple of weeks and is still wearing an E Collar but all in all he is doing fine. I have attached some pictures of him as well. He is turning into a gorgeous Corgi. Everyone loves him and the vet wants to make him their mascot! Ha. Again thanks so much for your understanding and we hope to send you some more pics soon. Take Care!


Steven and Barbara Stein