Our Girls
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The Corgi Girls!

Foxy Lady of Dawson's Adorables
Foxy is such a sweet girl and we have enjoyed every minute of her. Foxy is a Red and White AKC Female. She just loves to give you kisses and be by your side. Foxy is great at agility and other outdoor activity. Foxy is following well in Casey's footsteps. She looks up to Casey and it is so adorable. 
Foxy's DOB - January 17, 2009
Gage's Honey Suckle of Dawson's Adorables
"Honey" is a gorgeous Red and White Female thay we decided to keep
back from Casey and Milo's last litter! We retired her mother, Casey, and my son, Gage, was wanted a puppy so we let him have pick of the litter. "Honey" is such a joy to have. She is great for our son and has taught him a few tricks! :~) Honey does have some of her mother's traits but performs like her father more! We are glad to see that Honey has turned into such a good part of our crew!
Honey's DOB - August 3, 2011 
Dawson's Adorables "Delcey" Rae
"Delcey" is a solid Chocolate in color Boykin Spaniel. My father had Boykin's while I was growing up and they have always held a strong place in my heart. Delcey is named after my grandmother. We cannot wait to have our first litter from her and "Colt"! 
Delcey's DOB - March 11, 2013 
Dawson's Adorables Maddi-Lynn
We are so pleased to introduce our gorgeous Sable Female "Maddi-Lynn".  "Maddi-Lynn" is such an absolute sweetheart. She has perfect Sable Marking with White highlights. She just loves to romp around our house and act like she runs the place, of course when "Casey" (our retired female that runs the roost) isn't around! LOL We cannot wait to see what her and "Walker" will bring us in 2016!
"Maddi_Lynn's" DOB : June 7, 2013