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Hi Ashley,

I took Grace to the Vet today.  She was very impresssed with her and said she was in great health.  She wants to wait until the 18th to give her the second set of shots.  So, she gave her the worming medication and an excellent report.  I have two people who are interested in pups so, like I 
have said before, just call me when you know you are having another litter.

We love Grace.  She is very happy here with us.  Here's a photo of her with 
my son.  He loves playing with her!
I too and very happy that Grace did not go to anyone else.  It's as though God had a hand in it all along.


Hi Ashley,
Grace is doing great.  She is so funny.  This is a video we shot of her with my son.  When he plays his recorder, she usually will bark at him and then howl a bit.  This time she decided to do away with his music book instead.
Liz, VA

I thought these were really good and thought you might want them.  Remy is starting to shape up a little bit and be less jealous.  Caly is sweet as she can be and has taken to her new home very very well.  She is the best dog on the planet when it comes to being on her leash.  She didn't budge once when we put her collar on, where as Remy destroyed my hand.  They still play rough fighting over the pecking order and Caly is very possesive over HER STUFF.  He can't come near her food or toy or chewie at all!  But all is well.  Hope you two are okay and we'll send more pics the bigger they get! 

Josh & Jess
Its only been a few days but Tobey is adjusting well. He's always 
running up and down the hall with a squeaky toy in his mouth. I go outside 
with him a couple of times a day and he loves to play with the gumballs 
in the yard. He willl pick them up by their stems and carry them 
around. He's pretty quiet for the most part. Sometimes we will play tug with 
his stuffed bottle and he will grumble a bit but the only time he barks 
is if i go outside and he's on the porch trying to get my attention. 
He's figured out how to go up the stairs but hes not really sure how to 
go about going down the stairs. He takes a lot of naps; he likes to 
sleep under chairs and under my bed.  I have been putting his collar on him 
a few times a day to get him used to wearing one and he will scratch at 
it for a few minutes and then forget about it. Yesterday I gave him a 
bath and he whined a little but besides that he was good. I keep his 
food and water in my room but whenever he makes his way down the hall and 
to the kitchen he makes sure to drink some water from the cat bowl 
(which he managed to tip the first time by putting his foot on the edge). 
It kinda scared him but hes figured it out now. I think the cats arent 
really sure what to make of him. They will stay on counters and ledges 
and watch him scurry around on the floor but for the most part the stay 
out of his way. Anyway, I've attached some photos. Hope you like them


Hey Ashley,

Everything with Cookie is great so far! She has definitely become
comfortable with her new home and is as rambucuous as ever.  We
absolutely adore her!  I have attached some pics we took and will send
more as she grows up. Thanks for everything!

Corey and Caroline
Hi Ashley!
This is Charlotte Graham, who recently purchased Astro.  We have re-named him Guinness (Brian's idea since the dog is black and tan.)
So sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are recovering.  You are so fortunate that the baby wasn't hurt!  Amazing how life can change in an instant, isn't it?
I thought you would be relieved to hear that Guinness (formerly Astro) is doing very well and seems to have adjusted okay.  I took him to the vet yesterday and have to go back for the shots next week, but he checked out just fine and is very healthy.  Also, he is eating and sleeping well--all your advice was very helpful and much appreciated.
We, of course, are e-mailing pictures to everyone we know.  Thought you might like to view a few (attached).
Everyone thinks Guinness is so cute and inquires where we purchased him....we are giving out your information so, hopefully, you will have more business soon!
Take care of yourself.  Best wishes to your husband and baby.
Charlotte E. Graham
Hey i was just checking your website and i got a good laugh out of the
 puppy photos. It must have been hot out there because almost every one
 has their tongue hanging way out. you sure know how to breed some cute
 pups. Anyway, hope things are going well. Tobey says hi.

Hi Ashley-
Just a note to say that we made the right decision when we decided to get Mitch.  Here are a couple of few notes about him:
1- Very Pretty
2- Very independent (knows what you want him to do, but he does it if it is what he wants to do, I can ask him if he wants a treat then he will pat attention and do what you have asked to do.)
3-Almost trained to go outside to potty.
4- He loves to play - then he wants to go off to himself and sleep for a while.
5- He still sleeps on his back a lot, and on his stomach with his legs out as far as they will go, and sometimes crosses his feet.
6- He is very alert, hears and sees everything!

He is a beautiful dog, and we love him very much.  You did a great job when you chose him for us. 
I looked at the new pups, they are cute. 

Jo & Amos

Hey Ashley, 

Hope you and family are doing well.  I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail and some pictures of Beau Echo.  He has been great- very smart, sweet, well-mannered, and independent.  He got his last round of shots a couple of weeks ago, and the vet bragged on his cooperative personality.  

I saw on the web site that you still have Leo.  He looks just like Beau Echo!  Beau has been so good, that Michael and I are tempted to add another one to the family; however, I am not sure if we are ready right now.   

Here are some pictures.  Talk to you soon.

Sarah and Michael

Hey Ashley,
The little darling is doing fine.  I have an alpha Siamese mix female, Ava, who walked in her cage last night and groomed Ellsie.  
We are still in the adjustment period, but everything is going well.  Ellsie stays near me when I take her out and then sits down in front of me and looks into my eyes for direction.  She is very smart.  I have seen German Shephards do that.  She slept through the night and she knows she is safe.
Ellsie is such a joy to have and she is adorable.  I am so glad I have her.
Thank you very much,
Hi Ashley!
I hope this email finds you well.  Attached are some pics of our homecoming.  Both little girls seem to be adjusting really well.  Rory has been great with the potty and crating.  Tory had a few little whimpers last night but she was out after only a few minutes.  They slept well and did great this morning with eating, as you will see in one of the pics attached!  They are a hit in our little neighborhood already.  They're taking themselves a little power nap while we get ready to head to PetSmart.  
Thank you for all you have done to bring Rory and Tory into our home.  I am confident that they would not be adjusting as well as they are if it weren't for you and your families quality care.
Have a great weekend.  We will keep you posted and continue to look at your website for updated pics of their family:)
All our best,
Tony and Lanny
Wilmington, NC
Hi Ashley, 

I'm sorry I missed your call the other day. I am out here in Crawfordsville Arkansas doing some pre-deployment training until the middle of Feb then I'll be leaving in April. Anyways, Maynard is doing great and everyone is loving him. My wife fell in love with him immediately. He loves to play with our German shepherd and doesn't let the size difference get in his way. My wife is going to take some more recent and close up pictures of him this Saturday on her day off and I will send those to you as soon as I get them. Attached are some pics of him playing in the snow and attacking my dogs tail. 

Taffy has one ear up and she loves pine cones!  We are adjusting great and today her grandparents get here from Vermont so she will have lots of people to play with this week!  Housetraining has been a breeze, only one accident so far, she is so smart!  Have a great weekend,


This is a great picture of her I wanted you to see.  I forgot to tell you that when I took her to the vet they thought she was the cutest ever.  They all had to love on her and she did so good.  The doctor said she was very healthy.


Hey Ashley!

We just wanted to give you an update about Bandit. He is doing great. He still cries a little at night, but only when we need to take him out and then he wants to play. Then he usually goes back to sleep and is good to go. He has fit in very well here and we are having a lot of fun with him. We did go to the vet yesterday and they said that he is very healthy and does not have any worms, mites, or parasites. I wanted to let you know how the vet visit went.

 Thanks for everything! Oh, and he LOVES all the toys you gave him. 

Paul and Crystal Butts

Hey Ashley!
I can't believe we've already had Princess Peach here for a week!  I just wanted to let you know everything is going great.  She is super precious and is stealing everyone's hearts already, even my dad's (who isn't a dog person).  Everything was fine at her check up and they love her at the vet.  :)  And she is still getting along great with our other dogs...in fact our golden definitely thinks she's her mother!  I've included some pictures for you.  I love her so much.  :)  Thank you for everything again!

It was so nice to meet you and your family.  All of your corgis are beautiful!  They are a great dog breed - perfect size - athletic - and very sweet with a mind of their own.  
I wanted to send you some pictures of the boys together.  They have hit if off immediately with no issues.  Of course, we feed them separately, but they have shared water and toys. They go from playing and running around the house to taking naps!  Barney responds already to sit and watch me.  He does well in the crate and we are working on come and spending some time on a leash.  He seems to pretty much follow what Trevor does.  Later today - we may take a field trip to Pet Smart and will go to the beach soon!  Hope you enjoy the pictures! :-)Nicole

I Bought Shelby who was born april 22, 2009. I completely forgot to send pictures and give an update so here goes. Shelby is a wonderful dog with the goofiest personality. She is very comfortable in our household. She is healthy, about 24 pounds. i've attached 2 photos. We are extremely happy that we found her.
Jeffrey Pianka 

Hi Ashley - 
Sorry it's been so long since you've last heard from me, but I wanted to give you an update on Eve... She is fabulous! She has turned into a very personable and sweet girl.  She steals the heart of anyone who sees her!  She has really long fur which is very unusual and sometimes people mistake her for a miniature collie.  She's absolutely gorgeous and she knows it - I catch her from time to time staring at herself in the mirror! I've attached a picture of her for you to see.  I've never had a dog that has behaved so well and made me laugh so much.  I thank you for allowing me to bring such joy into my home - she is such a blessing!
I hope you and your family are all doing well!
Best wishes,


I know it has been a while since we were down to pick up Bexley back in August, but I wanted to write you quickly to let you know how happy she has made us and let you see how big she has gotten.  She is growing up into the spunky, loving and loyal Corgi we hoped she would.  She actually looks a lot like her Dad (Clay) to me.  She has become a part of our family that we couldn't replace.  I wanted to thank you for providing us the opportunity to get her.  We couldn't be more pleased.

Hope you and your family are doing well and had happy holidays!

-Chris and Dawn from Charlotte, NC

Hi there!
Jesse just started sleeping through the night the past couple nights- yippee!  She's such a little love bug.  We adore her so much.  Here are some pics. She's getting so spoiled already. You should see how many toys she has already! She really likes playing with Aiden's toy trucks and Aiden is having to learn to share with her.  Hopefully these pics will go through....

Hi Ashley,

I thought I'd send you a quick update on the puppy.  We took her to the vet Wednesday afternoon.  The vet said she's perfect (and specifically...no parasites, but I'm sure you were confident about that)!  She seems to be adjusting to her new surroundings.  She does love to chew!  We got her a stuffed lobster chew toy and she attacked it!  It was very funny!

Here are a couple of pictures.  The first two were take last Saturday and Sunday.  The third one (with the green towel) was taken this morning.

All our best!

Our vet visit went great today. The vet said we have a "winner" on our hands! Jesse is in great health and the vet was very pleased.  Our little Jesse is such a joy.  She's very energetic and is already trying to herd my two year old! She has already gone up her first few stairs and gone down a few without us prompting her.  We have steps that lead from our patio to the backyard and she took it upon herself to climb up the steps simply because my son was at the top and she was determined to follow!  She's such a precious little thing! We are giving her lots of love and affection and I can't say enough about how much I love her already.  
Thanks again!
Hi Ashley:
I’ve attached a picture of Harmony that I took while we were playing in the back yard this afternoon (right before she tried to munch on the tail of one of the bassets!) She was a little shy part of  yesterday – I think she was getting the lay of the land. Today she has been a tornado, running all over the place like she’s never going to run out of energy.  Of course, I am totally in love! I’ll drop you a quick note tomorrow to let you how the vet visit went.  Thanks again!

Hey Ashley,

Sorry it has taken so long to send an update about Bandit. He has been absolutely the best dog! He was very easy to train. He is now about 7 months old and is very energetic. He loves to play frisbee. We do have another dog, Lady. She is a mutt that came up and we all got attached. They play very well together and don't want to ever separate.

Just wanted to give you an update on how he is doing...and to send some pics.  


Paul and Crystal Butts

Dear Ashley,

I cannot believe it is almost two years since Bentley has been born.  He has been a wonderful edition to the family and we wouldn't know how life would be without him.  That being said, I am forwarding you a recent picture of our handsome boy!  Enjoy!

The Santisteban's