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Welcome to Dawson's Adorables. Home of our AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi's and Boykin Spaniel. We are a small breeder located in eastern North Carolina in a small city called Kinston. Corgi's and Boykin's are very dear to our hearts. In the journey of acquiring our corgis some breeders just made it very difficult for us.  Some made us feel as though we didnt have enough money to purchase a puppy. Or that we just didnt deserve to own a pup. My husband and I have made it this far and just have loved every minute of it. 

For starters we are a family of four. My husband Fred and I have two sons, Gage & Gentry. We love having all our dogs around us. They really do make this house a home, AND YES my husband and I DO work outside the home. We do not rely on the money from the puppies for our INCOME.  We do this because we simply love it. It is a lot of hard work but all of our dogs are treated with love and respect and thats really all we ask of you, is to treat your dog the way we do. We do not ask for you to fill out a 3 page questionaire or go through extensive screening process. We believe that everyone who wants a dog should be given the best oppurtunity regardless of how much you make or where you live. If you would like to see all the previous puppy owners who have purchased a puppy from us please vist out Testimonial Page and you can see for yourself how happy we have made others!!

We have SEVEN corgis, Clay, Walker, Oakley, Foxy, Honey, Madi-Lynn and Ammo .  These SEVEN are a real PACK. Corgi's are the round-a-bout dog. They are a true family dog. They can play with the kids and then crawl up on Mama's or Daddy's lap to take a rest. Corgis come in four colors, red and white, tri, sable and fawn. If you are interested in adding one of these short legged furr balls to your family you have definately come to the right place.  

We have two lovely Boykin Spaniels, Colt and Delcey. These two are such a joy to watch. Colt always is looking for a way to please his Momma and all Delcey wants to do is curl up in her Daddy's lap and get her belly rubbed. We are so pleased to have these two become a part of our family.

We believe in breeding to strengthen the quality of the breed and not the quantity.  We would love to hear from you and your family. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us.

Thanks for visiting Dawson's Adorables and
Have a Blessed Day!

Fred and Ashley Dawson

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